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Giving Back
The Montana Cigar Story

We have a rich history in cigars here in Montana and Big Sky Cigar Co. has a mission to bring that tradition back to life.

In 1905, Montana had over 107 Cigar factories within the state. With only a little over 240,000 people in the entire territory at the time, that equates to 1 cigar factory for every 2,200 people. 

Back in the heyday of Cigars in Montana, tobacco was imported from around the world from countries like Jamaica, Java, Haiti, and Nicaragua. This tobacco would arrive in Montana where skilled artisan rollers would churn out the best cigars in the country at affordable prices for their neighbors.

When you take your first draw off of a Big Sky Cigar, Co. cigar, remember the Miners of Butte, the Lumberjacks of our great forests, the Ranchers of the vast Eastern Montana Plains and the Railroad Workers that built our infrastructure. 

Thank you for taking the time to become part of this story.  We look forward to many years of growing this story and brand.  

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